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Get to know a bit about me in my first few posts. Here, I share why I started this blog and how I started on my journey to financial independence and early retirement.

My full series on the strategy’s I implement to achieve an early retirement

Starting with my post all about frugality; what it means to my and how I aply it to my life. I then record a numbered series, sharing all my frugal wins with you as and when they happen!

In these monthly reports, I do a deep-dive into my financials for each month. Disclosing everything, including: my expenses, my outstanding debts, my savings & investments and my net worth. You can also get a copy of the very spreadsheet I use to track all of my data so you can use it to get on top of your own finances, manage your debt, track your savings and make that dream of an early retirement a reality!

Each month, I upload screen shots of my retirement investment account, disclosing every position I own with an explanation as to why I’ve purchased each stock. I’ll also disclose any buy or sell orders I’ve made that month and explain why! In doing this, I hope that people considering starting their own portfolio will see how easy it is and how powerful of a tool investing can be, when done right, at building your wealth and making your money work for you!

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