📈Weekly Stock Portfolio Update📈 22nd – 26th Feb 2021

Welcome to this week’s portfolio update!

The markets have been pretty horrendous this last couple weeks, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

However, as I’ve been explaining to my Private Stock Group members for over a month – this has been long overdue and very much needed.

Sounds crazy, I know. But the markets needed a correction to bring valuations back in line with earnings and the current economic climate, which is not great!

In these challenging times, we have to look back on the preceding 11 months to realise what an amazing run we have had!

Some of the ‘buys’ I have shared in the Private Stock Group have seen gains over 120%. $SFIX went over 200%!!


The great thing is, there are now ample buying opportunities available on the markets!

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s update!


Start: £9,334
End: £8,918


No surprise considering the state of the markets this week! But definitely been stung slightly more than the average market due to the concentration of growth and tech stocks in my account.

I have lowered cost based on a lot of these, and I’m not at all worried as I still feel 100% confident in the future of all these companies.

Owning them at a lower price than before will benefit me as it did in March last year when I doubled down in the dip on those companies with strong balance sheets who I could bet would see it through the pandemic.

Interested to see how the next few weeks pan out. There’s definitely room for some tech stocks to fall further but we’ll have to wait and see what happens!



I definitely need to evaluate my current split and see what I can do to adjust %’s.

It’s a challenge when there are simply a lot of great companies in tech and the growth prospects are so high!

However, in recent months I have been exploring the retail & food sectors which have treated me VERY well!

Performance vs The Market

Obviously, portfolio performance vs the market for the 1 week period (left image) was pretty shocking this week!

However, the portfolio as a whole is still 3 x the market for the same period (right image).

And, there will be a rebound and a lot of my theses on many of my stocks are still yet to play out or have much further to run!



You can see I did a little bit of shopping last week.

Most of these were lowering cost basis and getting stocks I LOVE at bargain basement prices as everything got dragged down with the wider market decline.

However, one of these was a brand new position I just opened that got shared with the Private Group.

My Current Holdings

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Certainly a rough week in the markets that have wiped off a few £100’s worth of my gains. But remember, we’re in this for the long-term and 🗣 Stocks don’t just go up!

Having lowered cost-basis, I’m confident we’ll see greater weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading this weeks update!

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Let’s have a great week!

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If not, great! Save yourself some time and a lot of money and avoid them at all costs!

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Why should you listen to me?

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You can see, there’s not much red in any of these images.

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The Financial Freedom Playbook

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This is because most people don’t like their job.

According to several international polls, more than 80% of people feel this way!

And even if you love your job, I bet there are many things you’d rather be doing with your time…

– Spending it with your partner?

– Being there for your kids while you’re still young and healthy?

– Pursuing that passion you’ve always had but never had the time for?

– Or, simply more time to relax, travel and see the world?

But you can’t.

Because you have commitments.

Bills to pay.

And your job has you trapped because it’s your only way of providing.

The problem is, we’re made to believe this is our only option.

But I’m here to tell you that this is not true.

There is another way!

A way that you can escape from your 9-5 years ahead of your colleagues!

Even those who earn way more than you do!

This isn’t some get rich quick scheme though.

It’s simply about being more financially savvy.

The methods to do this are simple and they’re waiting for you in this book!

The Secret…

There are 7 Simple Steps to achieving financial freedom.

And with Financial Freedom, comes time freedom, comes location freedom.

The answer to all of your needs!

Never having to trade your time for money ever again!

My name is Joe, AKA The Financially Savvy Dad.

And I have personally taken these steps.

As a result, I’m well on my way to achieving financial freedom!

See the proof in the screenshots below.

How am I achieving this?

In this book…

I reveal the system I used to:

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How it works

It’s simple.

Complete each step in the book and feed the information you directly into the numbered tabs of the spreadsheet download (Premium), your all-in-one, ready-to-go, formatted spreadsheet with formulae built-in to automate the process!

Here’s my very own completed copy:

The Spreadsheet

In the main book, you will receive clear guidance and instruction for each of the steps, what information to put where, and most importantly, why!

Because this is about educating and setting you up to take control of your future.

At the end of each step is a list of actions, telling you EXACTLY what you need to do to build your plan and achieve it.

Eliminating all the guesswork.


Here’s what people are saying:

It’s working for them & me

I’ve increased my net worth from £108K in Jan 2020 to £169K in Jan 2021!


I’ll give you a sneak-peek into how some of the 7 Steps helped me achieve that:

1. First, I optimised my company pension

Sounds complicated, but the ebook breaks it down for you and tells you how to do the same thing! 

Here’s the proof 👇 👇 👇

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2. I learnt to invest.

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Proof 👇 👇 👇

4. I increased the equity in our home

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Following these simple steps has enabled me to wipe decades off my retirement age! 

And you will achieve the same with the simple tools and techniques I will teach you in this ebook.


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Monthly Report #9 – Jan 2021

Welcome to the first monthly report of 2021!

If you’re a more recent subscriber to the blog or twitter follower, these reports are where I disclose my finances to you in full, and update you on my progress towards achieving financial independence and early retirement.

Things have been INSANE this month.

If you’ve been following my journey, you’ll know I’ve been working hard on a few different side hustles.

It’s taken 6 months now, and I’ve just and my highest earning month EVER!

The amount I earned is included in this disclosure 👇

As we go through this monthly report, you’ll see snapshots of the spreadsheet I use to:

  • Track my expenses
  • Estimate my retirement expenses
  • Work out my FI number (amount of £ needed to escape my 9-5)
  • Track debts
  • Track savings
  • Track asset & equity
  • Track my net worth

It took my months to build it to its current state and I’ve built a good amount of automation into it now, so it literally takes me about 10 minutes to update the necessary tabs to get the Net worth report out at the end.

If you’d like a copy, you can get it, along with my 5⭐ rated ebook, 7 Simple Steps… by clicking here 👇 and there’s 20% off included for all my readers. Just follow the link 👍

Now, let’s get stuck in!


Expenses for January

Not a huge amount of difference from where we left of last year.

The food budget has escalated a bit from the £550 ish we were spending before. We’ve tried to reign this in as much as we can, but with our daughter now over 1 and eating for Great Britain and needing lunches 3 days per week for Nursery, we’ve had to accept that our food budget is just going to increase.

I have however found that many of the snack items we get for her (fruit pouches and oat bars etc) can be found in Aldi for about half the price. So, at least that will save us something!

If there’s one thing I am saving money on right now, it’s hair cuts!

Definitely not out of choice. It’s not been this long since I was a teenage emo kid.

I have NOT missed it 😂


Retirement Expenses

For those of you who’re seeing this update for the first time, let me explain how I calculate my FI number – the amount of money I need saved to reach early retirement and leave my 9-5.

All I have done, is take the monthly expenses from the previous tab and alter them slightly for what I imagine our lives will look like in retirement – A lot more holidays, no mortgage, and lots of pocket money to make sure we can do whatever we want whenever we feel like it. Because, what’s the point in retiring early if you have to limit yourself 🤷‍♂️.

I then take the monthly expenses figure, multiply this by 12 to get our yearly expenses number, and then multiply this by 25 to get our FI number. This is the amount of money you need saved in an investment account with exposure to the stock market. You can then draw down 4% of this amount every year (equal to your yearly expenses) and never run out of money!

In fact, most people die with more money than they had when they started drawing down, as the stock market always outperforms their withdrawal rate. The 4% rule allows for flexibility and has safety built in.

So, where do I currently stand with my retirement goal?

In the left-hand table, you can see the worst-case values I have assigned to my different pension pots.


Starting from the top – My Pension value at 57 is my workplace pension, which, if the government gets its way, I won’t be able to touch until I’m 57.

I’ve estimated a worst-case 7% return for this account. But just this last 6 months, the fund I am invested in has yielded a 25% return:

Obviously, that’s GREAT news!

However, there’s still the issue that I probably won’t be able to touch this until I’m 57. 55 at the very earliest.

So, how do I fill that gap between when I want to retire, and the age at which I get access to my pension?

That’s where my Personal Investment Fund comes into play, the second row down in that table from above.

I’ve estimated, worst case, that this portfolio will be worth £281,255 by the time I’m 48.

But again, that’s assuming a 12% return. And this year alone, I’ve achieved a 93% return…

More good news!

You can learn my stock research strategy here 👇

The complicated part is working out how much money I need to have saved so I can draw down my yearly expenses for the number of years required until I get access to my workplace pension. And at the same time, making sure there is enough of that original pot of money left so that when it is combined with my workplace pension, it is enough to cover my expenses (using the 4% rule) throughout the remainder of my retirement.

That amount of money I need is approximately £281,255.

That will be worth £238,201 after 9 years of withdrawals, which when added to my workplace pension, is enough to cover the remainder of my retirement using the 4% rule.

However! I’ve just recently started bringing in a decent amount of money with my side hustles, which means I will be less reliant on my investment portfolio and thus can probably retire a few years earlier than my original plan of 48.

Obviously things change, markets can fall in the short-term and my side hustle isnt an absolute guarantee.

So, I’m not setting any plans in stone just yet.

As I approach this point and feel more confident in maintaining my portfolio performance, I’ll likely start bringing that retirement age down so I can free myself from the rat-race even sooner!

A huge part of the reason for this is the income I’m now bringing in from my side hustles. You can read all about my first month using retail arbitrage to make an extra £722 in January here.


Actual Savings

Really happy to have crossed over the £40K mark with my pension savings.

I’ve added a column to the start of the year which is the Jump Off Point (JOP) from December 2020 to give some comparison to where I left off last year.

The jump in value in the last two months is enormous!

The table on the far-right of the image is tracking what my yearly income would be is I were to stop working or start drawing down on my pensions fund now.

Still a way to go, but compounding is visible already!

Equity & Assets

This is a snap-shot of our current equity and asset value.

I could count a lot more of our belongings etc into our assets to artificially boost my net worth, but I don’t see what value that adds for me or any of my readers, so I just track the few high-value items we have.


The mortgage makes this look horrendous 😂

But I’m not worried. We’ve moved into our forever home at age 30 and have a plan in place to eliminate this in the next 15 years so it does not impact our early retirement plans.

This blog is my way of keeping myself accountable. So, you can expect to start seeing these numbers plummet over the coming few years!

Net Worth

VERY happy to report my net worth is now really close to £170K! 🤯

To think, I was an an absolute financial mess less than a year ago…

Goes to show what hard work, commitment and a powerful tool like this spreadsheet can do for you!

That brings us to the end of January’s update!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this run-through.

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Retail Arbitrage – 1 Month Update!

I’ve officially been reselling products for 1 full month!

I signed up to The Gravy Train, an online and retail arbitrage group for the UK, reselling in-demand products through Ebay, Amazon and Facebook Marketplace.

In this post I want to give you a summary of my numbers so far.

And what a month it has been!

Safe to say, I fully underestimated the potential of The Gravy Train group. When my wife and I joined, we agreed that we’d be happy to break even for a couple of months whilst we got to grips with the group, the different selling platforms and what products to buy and which ones to avoid.

Never did I expect to make more than 10 TIMES our monthly membership fee in pure profits in our first month. And that’s after all fee’s AND expenses (packaging, memberships, postage, paypal and amazon fee’s, etc… even petrol is factored into that! There’s a breakdown below).


So, let’s show you what you came here to see.

Here’s a breakdown of the stats from the different sales platforms I’ve been using since I started:


Here’s my running total (ignore the ’90-day total’ bit as this is after only 31 days of activity).


That’s £2,191 in Ebay sales in 31 days.


The Amazon sales are HUGE, especially when you consider the fact that we didn’t actually start selling on Amazon until two thirds of the way through the month!

Our first sale was actually a high-ticket item we bought for £1,400 and sold for £2,000! Which is great! But makes the other days look much lower than they are 😂

So, that’s over £5K in sales on two platforms.

We also sold a bunch of stuff on Facebook Marketplace, including an Xbox and a LOT of home decor stuff.

Those are my favourite kind of flips as I often don’t even leave the house to make money. I place an online order, list the item on Facebook, get an offer and wait for the buyer to collect once the item is delivered.


So, let’s take a look at what my inventory tracker looks like at the moment. By the way, if you do join, you’ll get access to the same inventory tracker.

It’s pretty epic.



I know.

I went all in.

That is all the inventory I currently have or have sold.

  • Green = Sold
  • White = Listed (either on Ebay, Amazon or Facebook)
  • Red = Not yet listed (Only got these yesterday)
  • Orange = Inbound to Amazon for FBA (fulfilment by Amazon)

Here’s a slightly simplified view of the stock we have which has not sold yet:

Obviously, I cannot share the details of all the items as these are shared with paying members of the community only.


This is the sum of Net profit, after item level fee’s (shipping, paypal fee’s, Ebay fee’s etc)

Not bad for something I do at the weekends (and a little in the week when something needs prepping for shipping)!

But let’s be completely transparent here and show you profits after ALL fee’s and costs.

Including everything, from petrol, packaging costs, Gravy Train Group membership.


Taking off all the costs associated with buying, listing, selling and shipping our products this month, our total profit comes in at:


That’s 14 times what we’re paying for our membership.


I’m a stock market investor. So I can tell you for a fact, there are not many investments in the last decade that could have earned you a 14 X on your money 🤯

In fact, it was even higher than this, but I spent about £80 on a bunch of packaging (bubble wrap, boxes, a tape gun, labels, a printer, ink, void fill, etc) that should last us for a couple of months.

So, that’s my first month of retail arbitrage via The Gravy Train group in numbers.

I will aim to write a monthly update on our flipping adventures to help inspire others to take their earning potential into their own hands and build something greater for themselves.

So, make sure you subscribe below to get notified when these updates go live!

If you’d like to try out the Gravy Train group, click the image below and sign up.

It’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime if it doesn’t work out for you.

My advice – If you do what the moderators of the group tell you to do, you will make money.

If you’re unsure, reach out to me on twitter and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the group. Use the social links at the top of this page to get in touch, or post a comment below.

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Disclaimer: Some of my articles contain affiliate links for products I have personally used and found valuable. If you make a purchase of one of these products, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

📈 Weekly Stock Market Portfolio Update 📈

Just a quick one this week!


Last week, the public account had been up and down a lot. Mainly looking like it was going to finish down overall as we headed into Thursday.

However, Friday’s gains really put a spin on that!

Start point: £9,142
End point: £9,284

🟢 £142


It looked like the wider market performance was going to outstrip the public account, but we pulled it back at the end of the week.

The chart for the financial year to date (from March 2020) still shows a 4 fold beat of the market though…

There was no activity in the account last week. No buys, sells or movement of funds.

I’m extremely happy with all my holdings, their value and my returns so far so I felt no need to add to them or to build any additional positions.

The only stocks I’m considering at the moment are $DBX and $FB.

You already know I have a large position in $DBX and I just feel like this is a coiled spring waiting to take off right now.

$FB has some short term downside risk associated with it right now due to the ongoing investigations.

I’m confident these will pass and the company will continue to go from strength to strength.

They’re almost too big to fail now.

Sneak peak

Here’s a sneak peak at a tiny bit of the content my private stock group members get to see every day.

These positions in my account are all up >100% now. Some approaching 200%!

If you’d like to join my Private Stock Group and get access to:

  • In depth weekly portfolio updates
  • Live trade alerts – see all my moves as I make them!
  • My watchlist
  • Rapid stock overview
  • Dedicated channels for: dividends, ETF’s, tips for beginners
  • And, 24 hour access to me and other investors for all your questions

Click the image below 👇

If you’d like to learn my step-by-step strategy for analysing stocks, click the image below 👇

Make Money Online – Ep. 1: The Gravy Train

Welcome to the first instalment in my ‘Make Money Online’ series.

Product flipping is something I have been doing for about two weeks now. And man, is it powerful!

So, what is it, you ask?

What is ‘Flipping’

Flipping, or retail arbitrage is exactly as it sounds.

You’ve heard of people who flip houses, right?

This is the same thing but with every day products that you or I would buy.

These items could be anything, from toys to garden furniture, tools to baby products. Your job is to find an in demand product, source it for the lowest price possible, and then flip it for a profit.

And one of the best parts of product flipping…

Because much of what you source is from stores and retailers, if you don’t manage to sell in 30 days, you can simply return the item for a full refund!

So there’s literally no risk with some of these items.

Some people I have met in the The Gravy Train group do this full-time! And they make an absolute killing!

However, flipping is just as viable as a side-hustle, too!

And that’s exactly what it is for me.

I have a wife, a 2-year-old daughter, my own, growing online business and a 9-5, and I have found time on the side to flip a few products per week for an ROI that I’m still struggling to believe is real!

How am I managing to do this?


Reselling Groups.

Namely, The Gravy Train.

The Gravy Train takes all the hard work out of it for me.

I highly recommend you do this, too if flipping sounds like something you’d like to explore.

These groups are run by people with vast experience in the retail arbitrage world, who spend hours scouring through the depths of the internet and physical stores to find in-demand products at bargain prices and find the most profitable outlet to sell them through, normally Amazon, Ebay or Facebook Market Place.

They literally tell you:

  • What to buy ✅
  • Where to buy it from ✅
  • Where to list it, and ✅
  • How much to list it for ✅

Your only job is to buy the product, sell it according to their advice and count your profits!

Upfront Investment

Now, of course, these people don’t work for free! Nor should they!

I pay a monthly membership of £49.99/month for access to The Gravy Train group, for which there is a dedicated team of UK-based arbitrage experts to guide you and give you multiple hot product leads every single day!

Of course, I can cancel this membership at any time, too. Should I absolutely need to.

How long will it take to make your money back?

For a lot of people, £49.99/month might seem like a big up-front commitment.

I felt this way, too. Until I decided that I could either save myself £49.99 and do nothing, or spend £49.99 and potentially make £100’s in extra income every month…

I quickly worked out the better option. And I wasn’t disappointed.

So, the question you probably really want to know is, how long will it take to make that upfront cost back?

Answer: Not as long as you might think!

To give you some idea of how long it will take, here’s what I made in one morning, and how I did it:

Item 1 (Xbox)

  • Cost: £228
  • Sold for: £300
  • ROI = 31%

Comments: I didn’t even need to leave the house for this one. I ordered the item online, listed it the same day on Facebook Marketplace, sold it the same day and had the customer come collect from my door 🤷‍♂️. Easy money.

Item 2 (Dumbbells)

  • Cost: £11.99 each (2 of)
  • Sold for: £30 each
  • ROI = 810% 🤯

Comments: I ordered this item through Argos and used a cashback website which gave me 10% cashback & a sign-up bonus of £15, totalling £17.39 cashback!

That means I only really paid £6.59 for the items, hence the HUGE ROI!

Item 3 (Kettlebells)

  • Cost: £4.99 each (2 of)
  • Sold for: £20 each
  • ROI = 300%

Total day’s profit = £155.43

And, because I dropped these locally, I spent nothing on shipping AND picked up 2 more hot items at a store on the way home which were posted in the group whilst I was out.

So I made back twice what I spent on my membership in one morning…

That means the profit from the other 30 days of this month is alllll mine 🤗


What Else…

It’s not just about selling stuff locally, or on Ebay.

Many of the group source profitable items which they sell on Amazon, via their FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) service.

This is where amazon essentially uses you as a supplier. You pack up your sourced items and Amazon then collects them from your house, stores, picks, packs, ships them to customers, and manages returns and customer service for you.

Its incredible.

Within The Gravy Train group, there are videos and training that teach you how to do this.

They take you through how to get set up and all the do’s and do not’s!

There’s also around-the-clock support in the group chat where the admins and anyone else with the answers will help you with your issues.

My Results

I’m only a weeks in and I’m sitting on a few thousand pounds worth of inventory which should turn me a profit over well over £2,000 when all is sold.

Of course, not everyone has the available capital to go in like I have, and that’s fine. You can easily get on the items like those I mentioned in my case study.

Items you buy for £5 each which sell for £20!

You then build up your cash flow, reinvesting your profits into more valuable items, until you’ve built a stock of goods turning over regular profit of £1000’s each month.

Its that simple.

My ROI So Far…

This is a snapshot of my tracker showing you total costs of some of my items (including shipping, platform fee’s for ebay/amazon, my profit/loss and ROI).

Average ROI: 164%.

Profit (2 weeks): £203


This is, without a doubt, a viable, quick-to-start, relatively straight-forward method of making quite a lot of money from your phone.

Here’s a summary of my Pro’s and Con’s of flipping in general:



  • Fast! – Fast to get started, fast to make money. Almost instant results!
  • Simple – You’re buying from one place and selling somewhere else. It’s certainly not rocket science.
  • VERY profitable – The ROI potential for many of these items is amazing. If you follow my blog, you’ll know I invest in the stock market. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a 100%+ return over the course of a few months, normally longer though. With flipping, I can achieve that in less than a day.
  • Scalable – Like I mentioned, some in the group do this full-time. The more time you put in, the more money you can make.


  • Can feel a bit daunting – For a beginner, buying £100’s of stock can seem really scary. But it doesn’t have to be. You can mitigate your risks by starting small, and increasing your stock value as your confidence increases. You can also stick to the items that are purchased from stores to take advantage of your 30-day returns. Do this, and there’s no risk to your capital.
  • Reseller group lingo – The groups can be busy! And are full of experienced resellers using acronyms and nicknames for certain things you won’t understand at first. Just ask! Remember, they’re there to help. You’re paying for a support network, so use it. After a few days, you’ll learn to see through all the noise & chat and get more confident asking questions.
  • Under-cutters – This is where other resellers think they’re being smart by dropping their prices to get a quick profit. I’ve noticed this tends to be the beginners. What these people don’t realise, is by keeping your prices consistent with other resellers, everyone makes more profit and it benefits the whole community. Driving prices lower doesn’t help anyone.

I’ve just started on this journey and plan to stick at it as a side-hustle to help my wife and I increase our savings rate.

Long-term, we plan to save £10K to start our own Amazon business.

I will aim to write a monthly update on our flipping adventures to help inspire others to take their earning potential into their own hands and build something greater for themselves.

So, make sure you subscribe below to get notified when these updates go live!

If you’d like to try out The Gravy Train Group click the image below and sign up. It’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime if it doesn’t work out for you.

My advice – If you do what the moderators of the group tell you to do, you will make money.

If you’re unsure, reach out to me on twitter and I’ll be happy to answer any questions about the group. Use the social links at the top of this page to get in touch.

If you’re getting value from these posts and want to support this blog, subscribe below to join the FSD notification squad to get new posts straight to your inbox! Thank you!

Disclosure: I sometimes recommend products in my posts which I have personally used and have benefited me. If you follow these links and make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


FULL YEAR 📈Stock Market Portfolio Update📈

Welcome to my first ever YEARLY stock portfolio update!

What a year it has been for the markets!

I’ve realised gains in my portfolio this year that I did not think possible in Q1.

Here’s a rundown of my portfolio performance, insights, activity and holdings in 2020.


Start point: £1,591.06
End point: £8,256.44

That’s growth of 85% including cash deposits, according to this online calculator.

In addition to that, I earned £21.09 in dividends, which is just an added bonus for someone who is not a dividend investor 🙌

Account Insights

I’m 96.6% stocks and only 2.1% cash! 😱

This is much, much lower in cash than I’d like to be. However, I have a few positions that have reached or exceeded my predetermined exit point!

I’ll be taking profits on some of these over the coming weeks. My Private Stock Group members will be the first and only people to hear about these moves!

My split by sector is something I’m very happy with and is pivotal to my being able to outperform the market the last 12 months.

Always diversify between different sectors!

Portfolio Performance 👀

My performance against the market can be seen above. However, this is only since March (67%).

My portfolio return for Jan 2020- Jan 2021 is 55%!

This is incredible considering the markets tanked 30-40% in March-April.

My portfolio, NOT including cash contributions has grown 3.8 times more than the market for the same time period.

Around 4x the market for the same period.

I set myself the goal of achieving a minimum of 16% return each year in order to achieve my early retirement age goal of 49.

At this rate, I’ll be retiring in my 30’s!


Here’s a quick video of me skimming through the account activity for the entire year!

Every top-up, dividend, buy & sell!

So, which stocks am I holding going into 2021?

Full list of holdings

And here is the full list of holdings as of 31 December 2020!

This is one of the rare times I will share my full list of holdings outside the Private Stock Group.

It’s been a fantastic year in the account and I’m thrilled with the results!

Any good investor will tell you that the learning never stops. So here’s to learning more and achieving even better gains in 2021!

How has your portfolio performed this year?

If you’re happy to share, let us know your results below!

To get these updates every Friday

✅Live buy & sell alerts
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Let’s make some money!

Happy New Year!