I got paid THREE times today and I want to show you how I did this so you can start earning extra money too!

How does an extra £/$100 per week sound? How about £/$1,000 per month?!

It will be life-changing. It has been for me!


👉My 9-5 paid me
👉Amazon FBA Paid me
👉Gumroad paid me for sales of my own products and affiliate products

In fact, I’ve now achieved a 5-figure pay rise this year via my side hustles.


I invested in courses from people who were already doing it and simply applied what I learned. 

Some people think these courses are a scam. Unfortunately, people who think that will simply stay dependent on one income and will never achieve anything great.

If you want to make money from Amazon, Ebay, Affiliate marketing or selling your own courses, these are the resources I’ve personally used that have now made me $1,000’s!

They’re proven and tested.

First up, Amazon FBA:

If you’re in the US/UK or Canada and you want to learn how to make money selling products on Amazon, Join one of these two groups

1️⃣Products for Profit (PFP) – The first reselling group I joined. I made £722 profit in my first month in this group. It’s great, but stronger for US resellers than it is for UK resellers

👉 Click here to check it out

2️⃣The Gravy Train – This is a UK-specific group with a cap on the number of members (important!)

If you’re looking to enter the world of online and retail arbitrage in the UK – this is the group for you

👉Click here to check it out

Next, Affiliate Marketing:

I make $100’s every month from tweeting. To do this, there’s a couple of things you need:

1️⃣A blueprint to Creating and growing a Twitter account that makes money.

The best twitter growth guide is $mart Twitter growth and today it’s on sale for $14.95 (Reg. $44.95)

👉Click here to check it out

Or, join his online engagement community of over 200 members and get the guide FREE

👉Click here to check out the community

2️⃣A blueprint to affiliate marketing techniques and strategies

The only course you need for this is Checkmate Affiliate Marketing and right now that course is reduced from $65 to $17!!!

👉Click here to check it out

Or, join the premium affiliate marketing community and get the course for FREE

👉Click here to check that out

Lastly, creating and selling your own products:

1️⃣Twitter Cash Flow – This is the only course you need. Using this course, I learned how to create and grow my Twitter account, create two courses, a recurring membership group and how to market each of those products and scale their revenue.

If you have something you want to teach others, and you want to turn that into an ebook or an online course, this product will show you how.

Luckily, The creator has hooked me up with an exclusive discount code which gets you 30% OFF!

👉Click here to check it out

Even if you bought every single one of these courses today, it would cost you about $100. If that one-off investment leads to you bringing in an extra $1,000/month ($12,000/year!), as it has for me… 

Surely that’s a worthwhile investment.

If you have any questions about any of these or my own journey, send me a DM on Twitter.

I’ll be glad to talk ✌

Send a DM

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Some of my articles contain affiliate links for products I personally use or have benefited from. If you decide to make a purchase of any of these products, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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A Dad from the UK documenting his journey to financial freedom. Sharing my lifestyle and finance hacks so more people can find financial independence, retire early and take back control of their future.

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