📈Weekly Portfolio Update📈 21 – 25 June 2021

It has been a while since I last posted one of these.

Life has been crazy the last few months and I’ve been busy making money from my other side-hustles.

But I’ve missed providing these weekly updates for you guys, so here’s the update for the week just gone.


Week open: £9,873
Week close: £10,157

+£284 (2.9%)

It’s been another great week in the markets with growth stocks riding a nice tailwind back to or near all time highs but smaller cap, hyper growth companies seeing sideways or slightly negative consolidation.

I posted an article in my private stock group summarising the current market conditions and where I believe the momentum will be moving next.

The last few weeks are a prime example of why we DO NOT sell when the market corrects.

We buy the dip on those companies we know for a fact to be strong companies with great, long-term outlooks.

Because they bounce back 99% of the time to outpace the market 🙌


Further improving my diversification across multiple market sectors.

Although, I plan on capitalising on the current finance trends and companies making waves in that sector.

The same goes for energy. However, the ‘other’ noted up there 👆 is the global clean energy ETF, so you could add that 5.7% to the 1.6%.


This is the portfolio performance over 1 week, 1 year and 15 month time frames (everything my app offers right now).

Glad to see that the account grew at more than double the rate of the wider market this week.

NOTE: the weekly gain on the first image captures the Friday from the previous week, hence why the gain is different to what I worked out as I only count from market open on Monday to market close on Friday.

The account is still outperforming the market to a high degree and is far outstripping my yoy goal of 20%.


Now, I bought into 12 different stocks this week alone and sold one.

This information is reserved purely for the members of my Private Stock Group who not only get these weekly updates in full, but also get to see all the buy and sell moves I make in real-time via my trade alerts in the private discord group.

But here’s a snap shot of just 6 of those buys:

If you’d like to join the Private Stock Group and gain full access to: BOTH of my investment portfolio’s, trade alerts, research, AI driven stock picks, dividend alerts and a community of other investors to bounce ideas off of…

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The only sell I’ve made for a while was in (redacted – PSG members only) after some of the fundamentals shifted and the company not only failed to meet numbers, but failed to deliver on new deployments and produced an extremely downbeat outlook.

With new opportunities in my radar with stronger outlooks in both the short and long-term, I decided to cut a small loss of around 10% on what was a relatively small position in the account so I could redistribute the capital into $(redacted), $(redacted) & $FTCH


In the private stock group, this is the point where I share screenshots of every single position held in both of my investment accounts with their total profit/loss.

I won’t share this info here as it’s a part of what my private stock group members pay for.


I have a special offer for you.

If you sign up today with the above link 👆

You’ll get my ebook, Stock Research 101 (Value £20) absolutely FREE 🔥

And if you’re looking at theme screenshots above wondering what app I use to invest. It’s called Freetrade and I cannot recommend it enough!

If you sign up with this link, you’ll earn a free share worth between £10 and £200!!!

Just click here to sign up 👍

As always, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter (@FiSavvyDad) if you have any questions or want to talk investing or personal finance.

Thanks for reading this week’s update.

I’ll try to be more consistent with posting these every week and giving you as much valuable info as possible!

Have a great weekend!

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