Monthly Report #11 – March 2021

Welcome to my monthly financial report for February 2021.

It was a much better month overall than February.

With markets beginning to bounce back slightly, although cautiously. And with managing to boost my sales with my flipping side hustle, despite STILL being under review with Amazon 😫

Fortunately, the impending warm weather in the UK makes for some GREAT local flips of in-demand seasonal items.

As we go through this monthly report, you’ll see snapshots of the spreadsheet I use to track my:

✅Equity & Assets
✅& Net worth

I’ve been improving this spreadsheet for nearly a year now, adding more functionality and automation to it all the time.

I’ll leave a link at the bottom of this post where you can download your own copy.

Let’s get into this month’s report!


If you follow these monthly posts, you’ll see I’ve made further improvements and functionality to this tab.

Not only can I see the split of all my expenses, savings and income. I can also see the value of my income vs my outgoing’s and my current saving’s rate 👌

The best part is, this is all automated. So, I just fill in the information in the top image, and the formula take care of everything else for me!

For the more observant of my readers, you will have noticed that my income:outgoing ration does NOT look good this month.

That’s because we splurged a bit of cash on some new blinds. We’ve been using these £3.50, paper blinds from IKEA since we moved into our new house and agreed that we needed to do something about them.

Unfortunately, we have 2 bay windows in our new home, which makes blinds pretty damn expensive, so these had to go on the credit card.

Not very savvy of me, I know 🙄

BUT – I used my 0% interest card, collected rewards points and got 10% off with a code I found online… So, I still tried!

It was a pretty expensive month in general due to my wife’s birthday being at the beginning of April. So, the ‘Gifts’ area took a hit, too.

On top of that, we also have my sister-in-law living with us whilst the purchase of her own property goes through, which has increased our food budget. However, she is paying us rent. Two thirds of which is going straight into the account we use to pay for food and the other third into our bills account for the impending utility bill increases we anticipate from having another person using the water, gas and electricity.

Important to plan ahead for these things so we don’t get stung later on.

We weren’t able to save quite as much as last month due to the points I mentioned, so the saving’s rate dipped from 33% last month to 28% this month.


Retirement Expenses

Using our current monthly expenses from the previous tab, I can adjust the outgoings to reflect what life should like like for us in retirement.

I basically take all the outgoings that will still be relevant, like you can see above, and factor in inflation for a worst-case scenario of what our outgoings will look like. I also cut out any expenses that won’t be relevant, such as our mortgage, as we plan to have this paid off before we retire.

Using this ‘yearly expenses’ figure, I can then calculate how much money I need saved in order to retire early, using the 4% rule. You can see this in the bottom-right of the image.

To summarise, I need an income of £26K to cover our yearly expenses. Using the 4% rule, I need a stash of £650,209 (my perpetual money making machine).

So, how am I doing on my journey so far:

This hasn’t changed from last month.

I’m on track to have an £11K surplus. This means I can either retire earlier than I am planning, or have a more luxurious retirement.

I’ll probably go more for the earlier retirement option. However, this factors in the rates of return you can see in the left-hand table (7% for my workplace pension and 12% for my personal pension). I’m actually achieving far greater than this so far, with a return of 87.9% in my personal pension and a 70% return in my workplace pension.

So, I could be on track for a decades-sooner retirement than I was thing. But of course, life can be bumpy, and so can the stock market. So, I’m not counting my chickens just yet!

I’ll be proceeding with the current plan until I get much closer to my target retirement age and can reassess my portfolio performance at the time.


Savings are on their way back up again 🙏

Thanks to some more positive sentiment in the stock market, my accounts are looking much healthier!

The goal is to cross over £60K this year!

Equity & Assets

Luckily for us, property prices have seen a huge jump in our area!

Where we moved into a brand new house on a new-build estate, the figures on the App I use which calculates our house price based on purchase price and similar property sale prices in the area took a while to catch up and didn’t have many data points to go on.

Several of the properties in the area have now been re-sold, so the app is giving us a more up-to-date estimation of the property value.


This one is not moving down as much as I would like. Obviously, adding the cost of our blinds to the credit card did not help!

We need to get the rest of this debt gone! ASAP!

There’s no worse feeling than owing someone money.

Net Worth

The sudden increase in our properties value has given the net worth a boost this month!

Certainly not gonna complain about that!

I have invested in a few new positions this month which I’m confident will perform very well in the coming months and years. So, I expect to see this graph improve dramatically!

Side Hustle Income

A much better month than February, but the lack of Amazon sales is definitely having an impact on overall profits.

Fortunately, the warm weather we’ve had and are due to get in the UK has pushed demand for garden furniture and equipment through the roof!

And even better for me, the chaps in the Products for Profit group know what to buy to sell on for a tidy profit!

That’s enabled me to bring in another £373 this month in pure profit, after all membership and other fees.

If you want to make some fast money this summer, sign up here.

Happy to say, the rest has come from my course and affiliate sales, which is awesome!

I’ve just invested in a new course called, ‘Checkmate Affiliate Marketing‘ to double down on this income stream and improve my skills. It will also enable me to be less dependant on flipping for making fast easy cash!

Plus, there’s no postage and packaging with affiliate marketing 🙌

Let’s see how I do with affiliate sales in next month’s update!

If you’d like a copy of the spreadsheet you saw above, click the image below to get yourself a copy of my 5⭐ ebook: 7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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