📈Weekly Stock Portfolio Update📈 15 – 19 March

Welcome to this week’s portfolio update!

The markets are still in a slight state or turmoil right now. Particularly for tech and travel stocks.

Honestly, I’m pretty damn great fun the the correction is holding these stock prices as low as they are.

The reason? I get my yearly performance bonus this month. And this years bonus is a big one! 🤩

This means I can capitalise on the low prices and ride the wave of recovery 🚀

In theory.

Prices could still fall, but I think this is unlikely to happen. If it did, it would not be dramatic as prices are seemingly fair for the most part.

Due to this, the list of stocks in my shopping list is growing by the week!

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It was another pretty dismal week in the end!

Monday open: £9,142
Friday close: £8,934

What started out looking like a decent gain, soon took a turn for the worse in the latter half of the week.

🔻£208 2.2%

Looking at my insights…



Still pretty happy with my overall holdings and split by sector.

But I do have plans to build some defence into my portfolio with a few more growth and industrial Titan stocks so that I’m not so exposed to tech and variants of tech which are just as susceptible to yield changes.



Removing the money weighting from interest and dividends, my account was actually down around 4.6%, which again, was pretty disappointing after a seemingly good start to the week.

However, yields dipped into Friday resulting in some regained ground, so I’m hopeful this continues into next week.

Overall, my portfolio gains are far in excess of the wider market performance over the same time period.

In short – I’m still outperforming the market. And this is the ultimate goal here.


Current holdings

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Yet another rough week!

But I’m glad valuations are remaining fair and not bouncing right back into the ludicrous levels we saw the the preceding months.

The fundamentals, earnings and outlook all need to feed into the company valuations.

When it’s all based on unproven outlook, valuations get crazy and we see corrections like the one we’re in right now.

The secret to long-term success with these corrections is to double-down on those stocks with solid fundamentals, earnings, growth and moat.

These are the stocks which will bounce back harder and faster!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or comments on my portfolio.

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Here’s to a greener week!

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