Make Money Online – Ep. 2: Twitter Growth

If you’ve tried growing an audience or making money on Twitter, you know first-hand how hard it can be to get that first sale or commission!

I’ve been there myself.

Doing everything you can to grow that follower count so you can grow an audience that will buy products from you which you genuinely believe in. The same products that have helped you succeed.

All so you can reach that financial milestone of bringing in a side income 🎉

And let’s face facts, the size of your audience is directly correlated to the amount of money you make online.

A bigger audience = more money.

But it can feel like a real slog getting to that first 1,000 followers! 

I know!

I was only ever gaining about 220 followers per month, despite the huge time investment with engaging, retweeting, liking, engagement groups, etc.. Ugh!

I bought two growth guides to help me get there faster.

One of them was from the famous LifeMathMoney, who has over 250K followers…

It didn’t make much difference or tell me anything I didn’t already know if I’m honest 😂

I continued ticking along at ~240 new followers per month and now $35 out of pocket.


@the_smartmoney launched his $mart Twitter growth Guide.

I’d connected with this guy when he first joined Twitter and watched him grow from 100 or so followers to now being at nearly 14K followers! His numbers were nothing short of incredible!

This guy knows how to grow an audience! His own success was all the proof I needed!

I didn’t delay in getting myself a copy.

Since then, my new follower growth rate has doubled!


And it continues to climb as I implement more of his learnings (he updates the guide regularly to keep up with the ever-changing Twittersphere).

If Feb hadn’t been a short month, I’d be at 500 new followers for the month!

The great news is I’m fortunate enough to be connected with this guy!

So, he’s kindly organised a unique discount code for my subscribers so you can get 40% off with my link and get these same results for yourself 👇

Just click here or the image below to claim your 40% discount.

Just FYI – the code is good for just 10 uses and he rarely runs discounts greater than 20%, so these won’t last long!

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A Dad from the UK documenting his journey to financial freedom. Sharing my lifestyle and finance hacks so more people can find financial independence, retire early and take back control of their future.

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