📈Weekly Stock Portfolio Update📈 22nd – 26th Feb 2021

Welcome to this week’s portfolio update!

The markets have been pretty horrendous this last couple weeks, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

However, as I’ve been explaining to my Private Stock Group members for over a month – this has been long overdue and very much needed.

Sounds crazy, I know. But the markets needed a correction to bring valuations back in line with earnings and the current economic climate, which is not great!

In these challenging times, we have to look back on the preceding 11 months to realise what an amazing run we have had!

Some of the ‘buys’ I have shared in the Private Stock Group have seen gains over 120%. $SFIX went over 200%!!


The great thing is, there are now ample buying opportunities available on the markets!

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s update!


Start: £9,334
End: £8,918


No surprise considering the state of the markets this week! But definitely been stung slightly more than the average market due to the concentration of growth and tech stocks in my account.

I have lowered cost based on a lot of these, and I’m not at all worried as I still feel 100% confident in the future of all these companies.

Owning them at a lower price than before will benefit me as it did in March last year when I doubled down in the dip on those companies with strong balance sheets who I could bet would see it through the pandemic.

Interested to see how the next few weeks pan out. There’s definitely room for some tech stocks to fall further but we’ll have to wait and see what happens!



I definitely need to evaluate my current split and see what I can do to adjust %’s.

It’s a challenge when there are simply a lot of great companies in tech and the growth prospects are so high!

However, in recent months I have been exploring the retail & food sectors which have treated me VERY well!

Performance vs The Market

Obviously, portfolio performance vs the market for the 1 week period (left image) was pretty shocking this week!

However, the portfolio as a whole is still 3 x the market for the same period (right image).

And, there will be a rebound and a lot of my theses on many of my stocks are still yet to play out or have much further to run!



You can see I did a little bit of shopping last week.

Most of these were lowering cost basis and getting stocks I LOVE at bargain basement prices as everything got dragged down with the wider market decline.

However, one of these was a brand new position I just opened that got shared with the Private Group.

My Current Holdings

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Certainly a rough week in the markets that have wiped off a few £100’s worth of my gains. But remember, we’re in this for the long-term and 🗣 Stocks don’t just go up!

Having lowered cost-basis, I’m confident we’ll see greater weeks ahead.

Thanks for reading this weeks update!

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Let’s have a great week!

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