📈 Weekly Stock Market Portfolio Update 📈

Just a quick one this week!


Last week, the public account had been up and down a lot. Mainly looking like it was going to finish down overall as we headed into Thursday.

However, Friday’s gains really put a spin on that!

Start point: £9,142
End point: £9,284

🟢 £142


It looked like the wider market performance was going to outstrip the public account, but we pulled it back at the end of the week.

The chart for the financial year to date (from March 2020) still shows a 4 fold beat of the market though…

There was no activity in the account last week. No buys, sells or movement of funds.

I’m extremely happy with all my holdings, their value and my returns so far so I felt no need to add to them or to build any additional positions.

The only stocks I’m considering at the moment are $DBX and $FB.

You already know I have a large position in $DBX and I just feel like this is a coiled spring waiting to take off right now.

$FB has some short term downside risk associated with it right now due to the ongoing investigations.

I’m confident these will pass and the company will continue to go from strength to strength.

They’re almost too big to fail now.

Sneak peak

Here’s a sneak peak at a tiny bit of the content my private stock group members get to see every day.

These positions in my account are all up >100% now. Some approaching 200%!

If you’d like to join my Private Stock Group and get access to:

  • In depth weekly portfolio updates
  • Live trade alerts – see all my moves as I make them!
  • My watchlist
  • Rapid stock overview
  • Dedicated channels for: dividends, ETF’s, tips for beginners
  • And, 24 hour access to me and other investors for all your questions

Click the image below 👇

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