FULL YEAR 📈Stock Market Portfolio Update📈

Welcome to my first ever YEARLY stock portfolio update!

What a year it has been for the markets!

I’ve realised gains in my portfolio this year that I did not think possible in Q1.

Here’s a rundown of my portfolio performance, insights, activity and holdings in 2020.


Start point: £1,591.06
End point: £8,256.44

That’s growth of 85% including cash deposits, according to this online calculator.

In addition to that, I earned £21.09 in dividends, which is just an added bonus for someone who is not a dividend investor 🙌

Account Insights

I’m 96.6% stocks and only 2.1% cash! 😱

This is much, much lower in cash than I’d like to be. However, I have a few positions that have reached or exceeded my predetermined exit point!

I’ll be taking profits on some of these over the coming weeks. My Private Stock Group members will be the first and only people to hear about these moves!

My split by sector is something I’m very happy with and is pivotal to my being able to outperform the market the last 12 months.

Always diversify between different sectors!

Portfolio Performance 👀

My performance against the market can be seen above. However, this is only since March (67%).

My portfolio return for Jan 2020- Jan 2021 is 55%!

This is incredible considering the markets tanked 30-40% in March-April.

My portfolio, NOT including cash contributions has grown 3.8 times more than the market for the same time period.

Around 4x the market for the same period.

I set myself the goal of achieving a minimum of 16% return each year in order to achieve my early retirement age goal of 49.

At this rate, I’ll be retiring in my 30’s!


Here’s a quick video of me skimming through the account activity for the entire year!

Every top-up, dividend, buy & sell!

So, which stocks am I holding going into 2021?

Full list of holdings

And here is the full list of holdings as of 31 December 2020!

This is one of the rare times I will share my full list of holdings outside the Private Stock Group.

It’s been a fantastic year in the account and I’m thrilled with the results!

Any good investor will tell you that the learning never stops. So here’s to learning more and achieving even better gains in 2021!

How has your portfolio performed this year?

If you’re happy to share, let us know your results below!

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