Another Good Call!

I’ve been building a Private Stock Group.

Somewhere people could join for exclusive insights into my portfolio, including:

  • Weekly Portfolio Updates
  • Live Buy & Sell Alerts
  • Rapid Stock Overviews
  • Dividend Stocks Alerts
  • Tips for Beginners
  • 24 hour access to me and other experienced investors

And much, much more!

I wanted to share with you some of the returns that the members of this group will have seen since I began sharing buy alerts with the group (notifications of stocks I’m buying, as and when they happen)

First up, $JMIA (Jumia)

Jumia has been dubbed ‘the African Amazon’.

Since posting a buy alert for this stock, the price has shot up >68%!

$RVLV (Revolve)

Revolve is a fashion company that operate ecommerce sites for luxury fashion goods.

I noticed their price had been dragged down with the rest of the stock market early in the pandemic.

What Wall Street had failed to notice, was this was an online retailer…

Sure enough, shoppers flocked to this site, and many others, and they were one of the many companies whose share price shot up in the months following April 2020.

Since I shared the buy alert in the stock group, the position has risen a further 50.82%!

$UPWK (Upwork)

Upwork offer the opportunity for freelancers to sell their skills online, With 12 million freelancers and 5 million employers signed up so far!

Needless to say, as the pandemic ravaged the global economy, many of those who lost their jobs or who were put on furlough sought out online services like this to bring in some much needed additional income.

Of course, all this extra money flowing through their business done great things for their share price.

Since posting the buy alert for this position, the stock has risen 107%! And i saw this one slightly late if anything!

$SFIX (Stitch Fix)

I LOVE Stitch Fix as a business.

They offer a fashion subscription service that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to learn what clothes you like to know what clothes to send you.

Whatever you like, you keep and pay for. Whatever you don’t like, you send back!

So, with a computer picking more of the clothes you like with each shipment, they’re going to get it right more often than they get it wrong and have you digging into your pockets to keep those awesome threads!


Since posting the buy alert for this company, the price has risen 114%!


These are just 4 examples over the course of a month or two.

The best part?

Membership is only £7.99/month. And you can lock in this price FOR LIFE.

Because, the price goes up at the end of April.

If you’d invested just £1 in each of these positions, you’d have made your monthly subscription fee back nearly 2 times over!

So don’t delay, there are only 4 more spaces available at this price.

Click the image below to sign up 👇

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