Frugal Win #3 – Broadband Super Switch!

How to save more than you might think on your home broadband by doing a super switch!

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The internet. It’s a household necessity. Now more than ever I think it’s safe to say. So, when I got an email from my current provider, Virgin a few weeks back saying they were going to increase our monthly direct debit from £30 to £32 in a few weeks when my contract was coming to an end, and then again by £5 to £37 in November, initially I thought ‘Meh, they provide a good service and fast speeds and I’m working from home so gonna have to just deal with that’. But boy, was I glad I decided to have a look at what else was on offer. Here’s the steps I followed so you too can save more money on your broadband than you might think you can!

Step 1:

I went onto, clicked on ‘Broadband & TV’ and clicked ‘Fibre Broadband Deals’. I then put in my postcode to see which companies can provide services in my postcode. The top result was Vodafone, offering similar speeds to my current plan at £22.95 per month! Vodafone were a company I’d considered switching to before but never followed through due to the upfront £75 set-up fee. However, i quickly realised they ad abolished this fee (thank god!) so proceeded to their website to have a look. Luckily for me, I live right next to one of the network hubs so I get pretty good speeds and their speed checker confirmed this for me. ‘Great!’ I thought. Next up…

Step 2:

I called my current provider, Virgin and gave them the 30 days notice they needed, siting to them that I’d found a cheaper price elsewhere. They offered to keep my price the same (£30), as if that was gonna sway me 😒. They initiated the disconnection and gave me my disconnection date which I used to arrange my set-up with Vodafone to get connected with them. This brings me on to the next, and very unexpected step..

Step 3:

I was contacted by a chap from the ‘Loyalty Team’at Virgin about 3 days after simultaneously cancelling Virgin and setting up my new contract with Vodafone. We went through the usual back and forth of:
‘why are you leaving?’
‘Because I got a better price elsewhere?’
‘But their speeds might not be as good’
‘Well I’ve checked and they seem like they’ll be fine’
Etc, etc…

Before we got to the crux of the issue: Price. When the guy finally accepted that I was mainly concerned with the price, he offered to beat their price, offering me my existing plan for £21 p/month! ‘Great!’ I thought. He said he’d give me a few days to cancel with Vodafone and then call me back to get it all set up. at this point, I felt I’d already won big-time, and cheerily proceeded to call Vodafone to cancel the set-up that hadn’t even started yet… Take note here and do this the next time you switch any service you’re signed up for…

Step 4:

I called Vodafone to cancel the contract that hadn’t even started. Again, I went through the back and forth of the chap on the phone asking why, to which I simply replied that ‘my current provided has offered to beat your price and quoted me for £21 p/month.
I was fully and understandably expecting a reply of ‘fair enough, no way we can beat that’. Instead, what i got was ‘Okay, let me see what we can do here. Are you hapy to hold the line while I check?’
‘Woah! No way am I about to get an even better price!’ I thought. And I was right. BUT, what he did offer me was £75 credit to my account, which basically means I get 3 months of free broadband! And, being financially savvy, I obviously checked the price, divided by the term of the contract with the discount to confirm it was, indeed cheaper than Virgins counter-offer!

The best part about this, was that I had no intention of trying to make them fight it out to win my business. It just happened! But I learned a massive lesson on how to get major discounts on services like this in the future and will be trying the same approach again with our mobile phone contracts, insurance etc.

Hopefully, if you’re reading this and your contracts are up for renewal soon, you can benefit from this quick 4-Step guide to getting the best possible price, plus account credit!

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