Frugal Parenting Win #2 – Cheeky Wipes Review

Baby wipes. Parents everywhere love them. Not only can you use them at nappy changes, you can use them to clean you little one’s after meals, playtime, arts & crafts, you can even use them on your surfaces, pets, walls, televisions, the list goes on! They’re undoubtedly a parenting necessity. BUT, because they’re the go-to weapon of choice for parents all over the world, we get through unfathomable amounts of them! Apparently, the average child will need approximately two packs of 80 per week!! That’s 360 wipes per month and 4,320 per year! And, at around £1 per pack you’ll be spending over £100 per year for as long as your baby is in nappies. We’re talking multiple £hundreds. Not to mention the environmental impact of these thousands of non-biodegradable wipes going to landfill every year.

Enter, washable, environmentally friendly Cheeky Wipes!

Cheeky Wipes Wash Kits – 25 Washable Bamboo Terry Cloth Wipes, 15x15cm with Fresh soaking box, Mucky soaking box & Fresh and Mucky essential oil soaking solutions, 10ml (Lav & Cham, Teatree & Teatree Lemon)

Click the links to take a look for yourself. These are saving us £hundreds in the long run and we absolutely love them! The upfront cost is £49.99 and you’ll never have to buy a pack of baby wipes ever again! Simply use, wash and re-use! There’s a box for the clean wipes which you soak in some hot water and the natural oils provided, ready for use, and another box for the dirty wipes with some more water and essential oils where the wipes soak until you next put on a wash! And just like baby wipes, you can use these for all sorts of clean-up jobs.

We also purchased an additional pack of 25 wipes (link below) so that we always had some in use and some washing/soaking. The colourful ones are extra handy too, if you want to designate certain colours for certain jobs. For example, we keep all the blue ones in the kitchen for cleaning up after meals, and the yellow ones we keep dry to dry off the little one’s bum after cleaning down at each nappy change with one of the wet ones.

Cheeky Wipes – 25 Washable Bamboo Terry Cloth Wipes, 15x15cm Reusable Multi-Coloured Pack, Perfect for Babys Hands and Face, Absorbent, Super Soft and Naturally Anti-Bacterial | Eco Friendly

As I said, we love these wipes. They’re super convenient, they save us money and they’re better for the environment due to the fact we’re not sending non-degradable wipes to landfill, but also because when we no longer need them, they’re biodegradable due to the fact they’re made from bamboo! Win, win, win!

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