Frugal Parenting Win #1 – Nooie Baby Monitor Review

This camera is an absolute life saver!

We have a 6-month-old who needs 2-3 naps a day and whose sleep patterns overnight vary. Any parents out there going through the struggle.. we feel you! 🙏 This camera has taken away SO much anxiety for us, wondering if she’s woken up because the sound of her whines and moans are now seared into our brains for all eternity but also not wanting to crack the door an inch to check on her in case the slightest squeak of a door hinge wakes her and all hell brakes loose! Urgh, the dread! 😩 Well, this camera ended all of that!

We, and by we I mean, my Wife, were spending so much time wondering if she was awake, not knowing if we could get on with anything in case she was about to wake up, that we never got anything done! Not eating, or showing in the morning and obsessing over what the day was going to be like if she woke up now, or in 5 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour, praying that she wouldn’t make a noise! It was crazy. We agreed we needed to get a monitor so we could watch her and get some freedom back to be productive whilst she slept, in with the comfort of knowing that if she were to wake, we’d be able to see and hear her from wherever we were; even in the garden!

I wen’t straight online and started searching around for baby monitors. The prices varied anywhere from £40 to £300 for a camera and a monitor! And in my experience, with any baby related product, you get what you pay for! But I got to thinking: the cheaper ones have a monitor which needs to be plugged in. That’s no good if we want to be mobile and not cowering in the corner of a room eagerly staring at this monitor attached to the wall. So they weren’t an option. This pushed the price up to the £80 – £100 region. I was feeling uncomfortable about this. Spending that much on something we were likely going to need for a year or so.

I had a brain wave! We were essentially paying out for two pieces of tech; the monitor and the camera. When all we actually needed was the camera. Because we have phones! So I do a search for smart cameras and read reviews for hours and hours until I find this camera:

The Nooie Baby Monitor WiFi Camera

It attaches to most surfaces (we have ours on the wall above the cot), is full HD, has a free, incredibly easy-to-use App which you can download on Android and IOS, has motion and sound detection, one-way & two-way audio, night vision and an SD card slot or the option to sign up to their highly secured cloud storage plans, should you want to store footage for whatever reason. The best part: it cost £29.99! Amazing!

I genuinely couldn’t be happier with this bit of kit! We can now watch and listen in our little one whenever she is asleep to know if she needs us or if she’s just having a wriggle and resettling. It’s improved her nap times and overnight sleep and given us back some much needed freedom and sanity! If you have a child and you’re on the look out for a monitor, I cannot recommend this one highly enough! The image above is a link to the product for you to take a closer look and make a purchase, if you choose to do so. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed with this camera.

To get all the features of this camera in an ‘actual’ baby monitor, I was looking at way over £100 for a trustworthy brand. So this has saved me £70! However, the return on investment is even greater than that! Simply because, once we no longer need it to monitor our baby’s sleep (bring that day the hell on!), we can use it as a CCTV security camera, thanks to its incredibly clear night vision! I actually feel like I’ve mugged someone off getting this for £30.

This is by far and away my bargain of the year, so far!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about the camera or if you’ve got one and want to share your experience with it. I’d love to hear from you!

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