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Early Retirement Strategy #1 – Compound Interest & The Power of Now.

In my previous post, I told you all about my story. I also told you how I track my current expenses, which gives me visibility of what to expect in retirement. This enabled me to calculate my FI number. What follows is a comprehensive, deep-dive into the many strategies I’m utilising to get me toContinue reading “Early Retirement Strategy #1 – Compound Interest & The Power of Now.”

Becoming Financially Savvy – The Milestones

I’ve been thinking hard about what qualifies me to refer to myself as ‘Financially Savvy’. So, in this post is what I have determined to be the milestones that must be reached in order to achieve peak ‘Financial Savvy-ness’. It’s really quite straight forward. It’s simply an amalgamation of the things I learned about myContinue reading “Becoming Financially Savvy – The Milestones”

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Would love to hear more about your retail arbitrage journey. I have done some matched betting and would like another side hustle to try!


    1. That’s awesome. I highly recommend it as a side hustle. By far the fastest, easiest and most money I’ve made from any side hustle so far.

      I plan on doing bi-weekly updates on my retail arbitrage journey. Or, you can follow me on Twitter (@Fisavvydad) where I post more regularly about my successes and lessons learned. You can then DM me if you have any questions.

      If not, just make sure you’re subscribed to the blog so you get those update posts direct to your inbox 👍


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